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PG:13 | Language, violence, self-harm, substance abuse.| Chad Kadian lives day to day as best he can; working 60 hours a week, making time with an equally-busy girlfriend, living with an anxious roommate, treating his mental health. The card-tower constructing his personal life crashes down one fateful summer day, and in an effort to regain control, he takes up masked vigilantism. But with so much on his plate as is, the balance can so easily skew. Updates every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 12PM PST.

April 29th, 2019, 3:26 pm

What to Expect

rewriting it here in case anyone missed it from the first page
this comic was initially launched on my tumblr and tapas accounts, on august 28 2016. i deleted my tumblr back in december 2018, but that left me realizing i should probably cast a wider net in terms of self promotion.
anywho: updates are current sun/wed/sat, but once it's caught up with tapas, it will stick to saturdays

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