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PG:13 | Language, violence, self-harm, substance abuse. Chad Kadian lives day to day as best he can; working 60 hours a week, making time with an equally-busy girlfriend, living with an anxious roommate, and treating his mental health. The card-tower constructing his personal life crashes down one fateful summer day, and he finds himself wanting to help people in the only way he thinks he can; masked vigilantism. But with so much on his plate already, the work-life balance can skew so easily. Updates every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 12PM PST.

April 29th, 2019, 3:26 pm

What to Expect

rewriting it here in case anyone missed it from the first page
this comic was initially launched on my tumblr and tapas accounts, on august 28 2016. i deleted my tumblr back in december 2018, but that left me realizing i should probably cast a wider net in terms of self promotion.
anywho: updates are current sun/wed/sat, but once it's caught up with tapas, it will stick to saturdays

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