Main Cast

Chad Amrit Kadian

Sociable, indulgent, impulsive, workaholic and alcoholic trying to manage life with his mental health issues. Likes children, cosmopolitans, and knafeh.

Bennett Kazuma Hayashi

Stay-at-home editor and novelist struggling intensely with various anxiety disorders. Most commonly seen on the sofa with his laptop.

Susanne Aeron Price

Genial chemist with rarely any free time. Steadfast and impatient, holds a strong stomach for horror movies, and many high-heeled shoes.


Chad's most recurrent hallucinations. Bratty, argumentative, and gleefully sadistic; her only purpose is to torment him and make him suffer.

Supporting Roles

Aziz Ridwan Kadian

Silver-tongued public defense lawyer with a knack for suits. Stone-faced and focused at work, but affectionate at home with family.

Ajeet Rana Kadian

Chad and Aziz's father. Cares for his family and tried to set the best path for his sons, with varying success. Rather bull-headed and impulsive.

Asa Nathaniel Horowitz

A hyper-active and, frankly, disastrous young man insistent that his SoundCloud career will take off eventually. Loves to ramble about comic books.

Zac Lennox

Part-time cook with a passion for theatre and bohemian fashion. Rather tired and permissive, allows stuff to happen rather than to enact action.

Ayla Kartal

An artistic and bubbly woman with near-endless energy and a surprisingly high-pitched voice. No one believes that she's 30 years old.

Marcas Kevin Ahearn

Manager and founder of Auxiliary Martial Arts. Mellow, subdued, a gentle giant who easily empathizes with his employees and clients alike.

Minor Characters

Shea Abigail Kadian

Aziz's partnering lawyer and wife.

Finley Brett Kadian

3-year-old daughter to Aziz and Shea.
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