Main Cast

Chad Amrit Kadian

Sociable, affectionate, indulgent alcoholic and workaholic in a constant balancing act of keeping himself afloat. His high-stress life gives him a short fuse and a tendency to shut down. Likes cosmopolitans and the company of children.

Bennett Kazuma Hayashi

Stay-at-home editor and novelist with rigid standards for story-telling. Outwardly nervous and tentative, but underneath the barrier of anxiety disorders reveal a straightforward and sardonic man.

Susanne Aeron Price

Genial chemist with rarely any free time. Steadfast and a bit impatient, enjoys art-house horror films, and holds many high-heeled shoes.


Chad's most recurrent hallucination. Bratty, argumentative, gleefully sadistic; her only purpose is to bully him and make him miserable.

Supporting Roles

Aziz Ridwan Kadian

Silver-tongued public defense lawyer with a knack for suits. Stone-faced and focused at work, but soft-hearted at home with family.

Asa Nathaniel Horowitz

A hyper-active and, frankly, disastrous young man insistent that his SoundCloud career will take off eventually. Loves to ramble about comic books.

Zac Lennox

Part-time cook with a passion for theatre and bohemian fashion. Tired and permissive; allows stuff to happen rather than taking action.

Ayla Kartal

An artistic and bubbly woman with near-endless energy and a surprisingly high-pitched voice. No one believes that she's 30 years old.

Marcas Kevin Ahearn

Manager and founder of Auxiliary Martial Arts. Mellow, subdued, a gentle giant who easily empathizes with his employees and clients alike.

Minor Characters

Shea Abigail Kadian

Aziz's partnering lawyer and wife.

Finley Brett Kadian

3-year-old daughter to Aziz and Shea.
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